Who loves Tater Tots?

So, what do a lot of people crave when they are hungry? Comfort food. That’s me a lot of the time and I found a super easy, yummy and delicious recipe that uses my Instant Pot to cook it. Folks, I present you with Instant Pot Cowboy Casserole. And here is how you make it:

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Back at it.

I’ve been gone for a while but I am making it a priority to blog more.  Whether it’s about food, geek stuff or just whatever my little heart desires.  But, I’ll give a life update before I start my actual blog post.  I finally found a job.  It’s at a call centre doing technical support.  I started in February and I love it so far.  I’ve even been chosen to mentor and provide floor support to new classes when they first come out on the call floor.

I also haven’t been feeling the greatest for about a month or so.  After I started my job, I got a terrible cold that needed antibiotics to help kill it.  A few days after I started taking my antibiotics, my body started to ache.  I felt like I was vibrating and I was exhausted.  My foot cramps got worse and I have a horrible time sleeping.

Last week, I went back to the doctor.  They did a bunch of blood work and it turns out my electrolytes are completely out of whack.  That explains my symptoms and why I’ve been feeling horrible.  So, I’m starting to eat better while eating smaller servings throughout the day.  I’m starting to drink more water, even though I don’t like to.  I’m trying to regulate my sleep, (which doesn’t help when I’m working evenings for the next 3 months) as best as I can.  I’m on my way to feeling better!

So, there’s a little update from me.  What I’m really blogging about is what I made today: Butternut Squash and Spinach Stuffin Muffins.

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Tea. Earl Grey. Hot. And Crumbly.

As a lot of my friends know, I’m a huge Star Trek nerd.  I dressed up as a Vulcan for Halloween last year and even got an IDIC tattoo on my shoulder.

My favourite captain has got to be Jean-Luc Picard.  He’s dignified, smart and loves Earl Grey tea!  I love tea as well.  Dunking biscuits in a nice hot cuppa is heaven.

Yesterday, I was thinking to myself.  I wonder if there is a recipe out there that combines Star Trek, tea and biscuit-dunking together?  And I found it. Today, I’m baking Earl Grey Shortbread Cookies from the Whole Foods Market recipe collection. Continue reading

Back from an unscheduled hiatus.

Well, that wasn’t very nice of me.  I dropped off the face of the earth for a while but I’m back.  I’m going to try my darnedest to post more often.

So, what’s new with me?  I’ve moved to Peterborough in August of 2016 to work.  I was staying with my lovely mum for about 6 months until I got my own apartment in February of this year.  I lost my job at the beginning of September so the job hunt is ongoing.  Oh and I’m engaged!  His name is Dave and I’ve known him for about 20 years.  He’s funny, smart, clever, creative, imaginative and sweet.


We met on IRC in 1996 (yes, I’m old.) and we’ve been very good friends ever since we met.  It’s funny how the world places you with someone who you just click with.  We lost touch for the last 3 years or so and I was sad that I wasn’t speaking to him on a regular basis.  In November of 2016, I decided to message him on Facebook to wish him a happy birthday.  The reason that compelled me to do so was that I kept seeing things that reminded me of him.  It was like the world was saying, “Hey!  You guys belong together.  Do something about it!  It’s time!”.   So I did and the rest is history.  Even though he is on the other side of North America, we talk every day and I love him dearly.

Now, the real reason for my post is this recipe I came across a while ago.  I made it just now and wanted to share it with you:  Parmesan Crusted Brussels Sprouts, found on Delish. Continue reading