All sorts of things, mostly good.  One very bad.

So, I’ve been quiet the past few days.  Here is what I’ve been up to:

  • Made Multigrain Molasses Bread (post to follow soon) 
  • Learning to sew (I’ve made a plastic shopping bag holder out of an old pillowcase and a Christmas present for someone that reads my blog so I can’t give anything away)
  • Made yogurt in my Instant Pot (I’ll be using it to make Yogurt Breakfast Popcicles – post to follow soon)
  • My MacBook Pro suddenly died so I’ve spent a large sum of money to replace the logic board (I should get it back in a few days)

As you can see, the last thing on my list is the very bad thing.  I’m so glad that I had Bootcamp installed so I could access my MacBook files from the Windows side to back them up.  I’m doing the next few posts on the WordPress iPad app until I can get my MacBook up and running again.  

How have your last few days been?


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  1. Kris, you always make yummy food, love it! Heading to Bancroft to see my family. Are you heading to Peterborough this weekend?

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