Back from an unscheduled hiatus.

Well, that wasn’t very nice of me.  I dropped off the face of the earth for a while but I’m back.  I’m going to try my darnedest to post more often.

So, what’s new with me?  I’ve moved to Peterborough in August of 2016 to work.  I was staying with my lovely mum for about 6 months until I got my own apartment in February of this year.  I lost my job at the beginning of September so the job hunt is ongoing.  Oh and I’m engaged!  His name is Dave and I’ve known him for about 20 years.  He’s funny, smart, clever, creative, imaginative and sweet.


We met on IRC in 1996 (yes, I’m old.) and we’ve been very good friends ever since we met.  It’s funny how the world places you with someone who you just click with.  We lost touch for the last 3 years or so and I was sad that I wasn’t speaking to him on a regular basis.  In November of 2016, I decided to message him on Facebook to wish him a happy birthday.  The reason that compelled me to do so was that I kept seeing things that reminded me of him.  It was like the world was saying, “Hey!  You guys belong together.  Do something about it!  It’s time!”.   So I did and the rest is history.  Even though he is on the other side of North America, we talk every day and I love him dearly.

Now, the real reason for my post is this recipe I came across a while ago.  I made it just now and wanted to share it with you:  Parmesan Crusted Brussels Sprouts, found on Delish.

Screenshot-2017-10-8 Parmesan Crusted Brussels Sprouts

They were super easy to make.  I just formed an assembly line for the ingredients and off I went:



I did have to get use to using one hand for the dry ingredients and the other for the wet.  I only had to start over twice!

I was lucky to have had just enough Brussels sprouts to fill my baking sheet:


And in the oven they went for 25 minutes.  I could smell them baking and my tummy was growling.  Finally, my timer went off and I took them out:


They smelled delicious and I couldn’t wait to eat them up.  Now, the recipe called for a Caesar dressing to dip but I’m not a huge fan of that so I went with yummy blue cheese dressing.


Just the perfect snack for a lazy Thanksgiving Sunday up here in the North.  I think I might make some brownies later!

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