Prepare for a barrage.

After a long week without my trusty Macbook Pro, it is back.  Oh, how I’ve missed it.

Now, let’s get down to business.  Here are the recipes from my last post that I said I would share:

Multigrain Molasses Bread – I got this recipe from the Eating Well website.  I like this site because it has a lot of different recipes for a lot of different tastes.  It’s also a health-conscious site, which I love.

This bread was very hearty and had a wonderful bran flavour.  It toasted very well and was amazing for tomatoe sandwiches!

Yogurt Breakfast Popsicles – This recipe if from the Kitchn.  I love the simplicity and diverse assortment of goodies on this site.

Mason Jar Cheesecakes – I thought I mentioned this on my last post but I guess I didn’t.  This is from the Just a Pinch website.  It’s a great member-based cache of recipes!

Strawberry Peach Jam – I almost forgot about this one I made from the website.  I had a lot of frozen fruit in my freezer that never gets used so I though, why not make some jam?

I hope you’ve enjoyed my barrage of yumminess!






All sorts of things, mostly good.  One very bad.

So, I’ve been quiet the past few days.  Here is what I’ve been up to:

  • Made Multigrain Molasses Bread (post to follow soon) 
  • Learning to sew (I’ve made a plastic shopping bag holder out of an old pillowcase and a Christmas present for someone that reads my blog so I can’t give anything away)
  • Made yogurt in my Instant Pot (I’ll be using it to make Yogurt Breakfast Popcicles – post to follow soon)
  • My MacBook Pro suddenly died so I’ve spent a large sum of money to replace the logic board (I should get it back in a few days)

As you can see, the last thing on my list is the very bad thing.  I’m so glad that I had Bootcamp installed so I could access my MacBook files from the Windows side to back them up.  I’m doing the next few posts on the WordPress iPad app until I can get my MacBook up and running again.  

How have your last few days been?


We have wonderful neighbours.  We help each other out when we can and don’t expect anything in return.  Today, our neighbour came over to cut Alice’s nails.  Her husband is my boyfriend’s boss so we’ve become good friends.  She did a wonderful job, despite Alice biting her on the nose, so I wanted to do something nice for her.  I’m baking her Cranberry Pecan Shortbread Cookies. Continue reading

Flashback Friday.

I wanted to do a “Flashback Friday” post so you can get to know me a bit better.  I’ll be doing these every Friday (hopefully)!

In 2013, I was going through a separation with my then-husband.  We were in the process of selling the house and I needed a break from the stress.  So, I decided to spend a long weekend with my brother and his family.

They live in the small town of Chesley, located about 45km south of Owen Sound.  I visited my brother and grandparents every summer since I was a baby and I still enjoy getting up there whenever I can.  It’s so peaceful and everyone knows who everyone is.

Here are some pictures of the visit:


I love my family.